I want to see this !!


I want to see this !!




take it easy, big guy.

Beat it up for me

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Hello Coach!  I’m wondering what advice you would give a rookie that wants to build a huge, fuckable bubble ass. I’m working out at home.  I’ve got a squat rack, single station home gym and some weights. I’ll send in a pic for you and the team.  Thank you Coach! -weliveinsuchafuckedupworld


Hey WeLive, that’s a great question.  For the answer I’m going to ask a rookie who has a legendary bubble ass beyond comparison, JockTom.


My butt workout consists of squats, lunges, leg press machine and some machines that isolate my glutes. I train with heavy weights and do about 7-8 reps per set, and 3 sets for each exercise. Totally I do about 8-9 exercises on a leg/butt training session.

I mostly squat on a Smith machine. I think it isolates my quads and glutes better. Powerlifting squats is a good exercise not just for the legs and ass, but also for the midsection (and balance).  But I exercise the midsection when I do crunches (almost every day) and when I train my lower back (on back day).  Working on a Smith is also a bit safer for the back and knees than powerlifting when you use heavy weights.

When squatting it’s not necessary to go extremely deep to build legs and ass. I usually bend my knees a little more than 90 degrees before I go up again.  

To build big muscles it’s important to use heavy weights. That is how you give a signal to the brain that more muscle fibers need to be created! But you also need to know how to perform the exercises correctly. Read about it, watch bodybuilding clips on the internet or get a personal trainer.

You have to be disciplined in your training and your diet, and get enough rest– that’s the keys to muscle growth.                             


Thank you JockTom. You and your butt are awe inspiring.  

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